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From a daily walk on your lunch break to a regular coffee with a mate — build your best self by stacking simple habits.

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Our Health Heroes have got you covered, championing the most essential and effective habits for better wellbeing: physical activity, nutrition, reducing risk taking, sleep, connection and education.

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Help spread the word about the small steps men can take to build up better health. Share an infographic, hashtag your healthy heroics and start a conversation about men’s health with those close to you to encourage awareness and action amongst your community.

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About Healthy Male

Supporting generations of healthy Australian men

Healthy Male is an Australian organisation that educates and empowers men to prioritise every part of their wellbeing. From anxiety to fertility, exercise to erections — we share evidence-based, easy-to-understand content for everyone, created with the expertise and experience of Australia’s best clinicians, researchers and educators. We also develop the capabilities of the health systems and health professionals who care for men and boys, with a range of education and training programs, best practice guidelines and resources. Whether you’re reading a story, scrolling through our social media or watching a webinar — the content we share is informative, inclusive and ultimately working towards generations of healthy Australian men.

About Western Sydney University

Building a proactive and community-led approach to health

The Centre for Male Health brings researchers from a diverse range of disciplines together into a single entity at Western Sydney University. The unified approach to male health ensures that projects are sustainable, impactful, and linked to real health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our research is community-focused and driven by our vision to enhance physical and mental health and social connectedness for men and boys. We work closely with peak governing bodies, local organisations and community groups to promote activities in the community, and to advocate for better health outcomes for men and boys. Our partnerships are underpinned by the principles of meaningful engagement, mutual benefit, and real-world impact.

We are building a core network of community organisations at the Centre for Male Health to ensure a proactive and community-led approach to physical, mental, and emotional health.

What is the Good Health Heroes campaign all about?

Men’s Health Week is an international initiative that takes place every June and focuses on all the factors that contribute to a bloke’s wellbeing. Over the week, key experts in the men’s health space highlight the challenges men face in prioritising their health and share resources and activities to encourage them to make changes for better wellbeing.


We all know the value of healthy men and boys but when it comes to public conversation and investment in health initiatives, it’s often overlooked. Research tells us that building men’s health literacy and empowering health-seeking behaviours has a profound and positive impact on all areas of society. That’s why we’re here. This Men’s Health Week, Healthy Male and Western Sydney University are teaming up to encourage blokes to adopt manageable, achievable and sustainable habits to improve health outcomes. 

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If you have concerns about your health, it’s important to chat with a health professional.

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